Vincent Lab Alumni

Alumni, please contact JP by email if you want to add, modify or delete any of the information listed below.

Phoebe White
LMB: PhD student 1993-1996
Current: Independent Consultant; San Francisco
Email: phoebe.white71 [at]

Benedicte Sanson
LMB: Post-doc 1993-1997
Current: Group Leader, Cambridge University
Email: bs251 [at]

Magalie Lecourtois
NIMR: Post-Doc 1998-1999
Current: Group Leader, CNRS Rouen
Email: magalie.lecourtois [at]

Sarah Greaves
LMB/NIMR: PhD student and Research Associate 1994-2000
Current: Publisher/Associate Director, Nature, London
Email: S.Greaves [at]

Sven Pfeiffer
NIMR: PhD Student and Visiting Worker 1998-2001
Current: Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co., New York
Email: Sven.Pfeiffer [at]

Steven Marygold
NIMR: PhD Student 1998-2001
Current: FlyBase Manager, Cambridge UK
Email: s.marygold [at]

Laurence Dubois
NIMR: Post-doc and Research Associate, 1999-2003
Current: Independent Scientist, CNRS Toulouse
Email: laurence.dubois [at]

Camilla Larsen
NIMR: Post-doc 2000 – 2004
Current: Independent scientist, Kings College London
Email: camilla.larsen [at]

Sara Ricardo
NIMR: PhD Student and Post-doc 1999-2004
Current: Group Leader, BMB/CSIC Barcelona
Email: sribmc [at]

Francis Marshall
NIMR: PhD Student and Visiting Worker 2001- 2006
Current: Head of Centres and Institutes; Cancer Research UK
Email: francis.marshall [at]

Oriane Marchand
NIMR: Post-doc 2002 – 2006
Current: Clinical Research Assistant, Lyon
Email: orileborgne [at]

Claire Debrat
NIMR: Sandwich Student 2006 – 2007
Training in Conference Interpreting, Geneva

Eugenia Piddini
NIMR: Post-doc and Research Associate, 2002-2010
Current: Group Leader, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge
Email: eugenia.piddini [at]

Franz Wendler
NIMR: Post-doc 2003 – 2008
Current: Research Associate, University Massachusetts Medical School
Email: Franz.Wendler [at]

Xavi Franch-Marro
NIMR: Post-doc 2002 – 2008
Group Leader Institute of Evolutionary Biology, CSIC-UPF
Email: xavier.franch [at]

Janet Melling
NIMR: Sandwich Student (Manchester) 2008 – July 2009
Current: PhD Student; Barcelona

Pierre-Luc Bardet
NIMR: Post-doc 2004 – 2009
Current: Associate Professor, Paris
Email: pierreluc.bardet [at]

Sara Morais Da Silva
NIMR: Post-doc and Research Associate 2002-2009
Current: Independent Scientist, Cambridge University
Email: smoraisdasilva [at]

Golnar Kolahgar
NIMR: PhD student and Research Associate 2006-2010
Current: Post-doc, Cambridge University
Email: golnar.kolahgar [at]

Reuben McGregor
NIMR: Sandwich Student 2008 – 2009
Current: PhD Student; Kings College London
Email: reubenmcgregor [at]

Laurynas Pashakarnis
NIMR: Sandwich Student 2010 – 2011
Current: PhD Student, U. Zuerich
Email: laurynas.pasakarnis [at]

Hannah Green
NIMR: Sandwich student 2010 – 2011
Current: PhD Student. Cambridge University
Email: hg350 [at]

Alice Mitchell
NIMR: Sandwich student 2011 – 2012
Current: PhD Student at NIMR
Email: amitche [at]

Maria Gagliardi
NIMR: Ph.D. Student 2006 – 2012
Current: Post-doc, Lisbon
Email: mariagag2 [at]

Chloe Hurling
NIMR: Sandwich student 2012 – 2013
Current: PhD Student, Kings College London

Luis Alberto Baena Lopez
NIMR: Post-doc and career development scientist, 2007-2014
Current: Group Leader at the Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University
Email: alberto.baenalopez [at]

Karen Beckett
NIMR: Post-doc and investigator scientist 2007 – 2014
Current: Scientific writer, ArticulateScience, London
Email: karenbeckett2007 [at]

Jorge Beira
NIMR: Ph.D. Student 2010 – 2014
Current: Post-doc, ETH Zurich D-BSSE
Email: jbeira [at]

Paul Langton
Crick: Post-doc (MRC) 2008 – 2015
Current: Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Email: paul.langton [at]

Satoshi Kakugawa
Crick: Post-doc 2009 – 2015
Current: Supervisor, Hakuhodo Medical, Tokyo
Email: satoshi.kakugawa [at]

Laurent Duvivier
Crick: Erasmus student 2015
Current: Masters degree, Univ. Louvain

Chloe Charalambous
Crick: Sandwich Student 2014-2015
Current: Undergraduate degree, Univ. Glasgow

Sam Crossman
NIMR/ Crick: PhD Student 2011-2015
Current: Postdoc, Monash University, Australia

Ingrid Poernbacher
NIMR/ Crick: Postdoc 2012-2019
Current: Lise Meitner Fellow at University of Graz
Email: ingrid.poernbacher(at)

Kristina Stapornwongkul
Crick: PhD Student 2016-2020
Current: Postdoc, EMBL Barcelona