Ian McGough


I grew up in Galway, Ireland. I studied Biochemistry at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I then went on to do a PhD at the University of Bristol, in the lab of Peter Cullen, where I studied the role of the endosomal trafficking complex the “SNX3 retromer” in Wntless trafficking and Wnt gradient formation.

In April 2014 I joined JP Vincent’s lab as a Postdoc. During my Postdoc I will continue my interest in the role of the endosomal system in regulating the Wnt pathway and also investigate how Wnts are trafficked through the extracellular space.

Outside of the lab, I am a fitness enthusiast and love going to the gym and playing Gaelic football and soccer. I am also an avid reader and especially love Sci-Fi and fantasy.

The following link gives more details, including my publication history.



Email: Ian.McGough@crick.ac.uk